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FAMILY MATTERS - Helping Families Cope With Changes Throughout the Lifecycle: pre-marriage, marriage, family transitions, separation, divorce, and remarriage.

At the National Family Resiliency Center, Inc. (NFRC), we help children and adults better understand and accept the realities of life-changing experiences in their family, as well as give them the guidance they need in order to identify and express their feelings in a healthy and healing way. We also provide families and professionals with programs and resources to help them navigate the emotionally challenging process of changes that occur throughout the life cycle.

Helping Families to Heal After a Transition
Parents who are truly committed to strong and loving parent-child relationships, as well as their own healing, receive unprecedented support and guidance from NFRC in order to make child-focused decisions at any stage of their relationship, whether they:

  • Have made the decision to end an adult relationship, separate or divorce
  • Are considering a family transition, but have not yet decided what to do
  • Want to explore pathways toward reconciliation, or
  • Face divorce-related issues such as dating and remarriage.

The end of a marriage is a sad event, but it is not the end of the family.
We provide parents who have experienced a separation with the support they need to heal so they can put aside the anger and pain of their relationship or marriage and focus instead on the needs of their children. Our online program, assists parents in forging a child focused parenting agreement. NFRC staff can help parents through each step of the process.

Co Parent Consultation:
Parents are assisted in reaching an agreement on decisions related to their children, as well as creating a parenting agreement. An important part the co-parent sessions is establishing a process for future renegotiation as necessary. As a result, the potential for future conflicts are minimized or avoided altogether. Click here to read more about Co Parent Consultations.

Collaborative Divorce:
NFRC staff are trained and certified in collaborative divorce, serving as child specialists and divorce coaches. To learn more about collaborative divorce, visit or if you live in Maryland, visit

Providing a Multidisciplinary Approach for Professionals
For professionals in the legal, therapeutic, educational, and faith-based community, NFRC provides comprehensive training, programs, and resources that enhance their ability to provide support to families in transition. NFRC staff train mental health and legal practitioners on the effects of family transition on children at various developmental stages and the critical nature of using NFRC’s child-focused decision-making model in their professional capacities.

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